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new job

December 13th, 2006 No comments

A really exciting opportunity I just couldn’t say no to came along, and I’ll be starting in two weeks at Autumn Moon Entertainment, working with some amazingly talented people on a great game with a huge focus on great art. check their forums for some amazing character designs and paintings.

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rendering, tweaking..

December 1st, 2006 31 comments


i’ve had a lot of great feedback lately. as per pete tsacle, i’ve gone back and really hammered on the mech animations, trying to give it a weightier feel, arc adjustments, and extended the final shot a hair. From ajaB, lots of camera edits, length of shots, and a couple of weight tweaks, and more better explosions. The one tricky thing about this was the arc of the grenade..because it was competing with a camera move, it just looked off, even though it was literally path constrained to a nice elegant nurbs curve. but hey..if it looks wrong, it’s wrong. so i readjusted the camera and tweaked the spacing of the arc so it was more readable. i added better moving holds to robot guy (‘atomic bot’) and watched for overall footsteps on the now sandy uneven surface. Huge props to Doc for modelling a set for me, and thanks to kiel figgins for putting out the mech. I’ll post more progress soon. for now it’s on my reel at and thanks to matt aldridge for some lighting tips.
oh. and holden, for noticing that the goatee vanished on one of the shots (he’s very sharp since turning 5)

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