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study from classic wb

May 13th, 2007 No comments

just a quick timing study from an old Freling toon. We’re doing a lot of cinematics at work and I wanted to start breaking down the old good stuff to really try to understand how they pieced it all together. There is of course a lot of whacky posing, but what’s interesting is that even the limited animation , the moving holds are crucial to absorb that snappy timing.

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my adventures with linux

May 8th, 2007 No comments

ok. call me a masochist, but I have this athlon 64 laptop and I’ve been curious about some of the new ‘easy to use’ distributions of linux as well as seeing how well 3d programs work on this fancy 64 bit thing.

So, feeling like tinkering around, I downloaded a couple of ‘live’ cds (meaning you can boot off of them and test out the OS. I settled on Ubuntu, which turned out to be easy to install and set up, and seemed much faster than windows for generally maneuvering around files. It wasn’t that hard to set up a dual boot system, though it involved downloading a linux rescue disk and repartioning my drive without hosing it, then telling it that both partitions would be bootable.?  Ok. So now what. My sound card didn’t work and after going into a bajillion system files, and editing random lines of text. no luck. next came my wireless connection. that was beyond me. But ok. Let’s install some software that I actually use, like, say, maya.

no luck. it turns out that maya likes to be installed on a different variant of linux. But ok. This was good practice. Next up, Mandriva. This wasn’t as elegant as Ubuntu, but it seemed to install more drivers right off the bat. I also got wireless access right away. But still no sound driver, and I couldn’t figure out how to map my wacom tablet, or even really get it working, which then ruled out using all my 2d apps, some of which have decent linux versions. Most didn’t, so that was a vote against. Surprisingly, Maya installed. GREAT! end result. slow as a dog, I couldn’t figure out how to make the mouse and keyboard navigation behave like the windows or mac version. And it would randomly reboot linux.

End result. Partitions wiped, drive back to the way it was. In the end, I realized that while linux is an interesting OS and well worth being morally supportive towards, I’m not a system administrator, and linux, as it stands, is mostly about learning how to configure the OS to behave like you need it to. I also realized I don’t care how the OS works. I just want to install programs and happily animate away. And on that note, more animation to see soon.

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