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February 26th, 2008 2 comments

I used to be an obsessive sketcher. I also did a ton of small studies of subject matter i wanted to paint, or to really cement the memory into my head using either black and white gouache (horrid stuff that could like really beautiful, but scorned all attempts at elegance) or charcoal gray watercolor on saunders waterford hot pressed paper (90 or 140lb). I see now my geeking out on technology even started with finding the perfect tool for the job.


This is a picture of David, a guy I used to paint with..interesting guy..he painted in what seemed to be a former brothel, complete with individual booths all in a row. It seemed the perfect place to be derivative of Hopper.

This all took me back once I saw Michael Scherotter’s podcast on journaling..

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animation logic tree

February 20th, 2008 No comments


I put this up from my brief stint at Autumn Moon..I actually don’t know what, if any, was eventually used, but wanted to point out the merits of MindManager (or freemind, or any mapping software) for constructing animation logic trees…it’s really intuitive to use and makes it easy to see how the states interact – or what else is needed.

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free software

February 6th, 2008 No comments


One of my favorite apps I used to use in my design days, expression, is now a free app. I like free, and while not as robust as illustrator in some ways, it’s a fantastic vector drawing tool that allows painterly effects.

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