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the green watercolor sketchbook

March 11th, 2008 1 comment


I’ve just started scanning in one of my treasured sketchbooks. I like to impose limits on myself for any kind of creative endeavor. I started this sketchbook in 1994 during art school. It was motivated by a log Edward Hopper used to record the sale of his paintings. He’d sketch out his painting in a notebook with the date, sale price, and buyer. Something about these drawings were incredibly elegant.

I carried this with me, with a few brushes and a portable watercolor kit of only charcoal gray watercolor, which gives the look of something drawn and built up. It also gets really dark, avoiding the bad impressionist style that has relegated watercolor to a lesser art.

Most of these are drawn from life as preliminary sketches for paintings.

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icon mania

March 3rd, 2008 No comments

After a bit of burnout with animation, I recharged a bit by revising the animation gui at work (I know…pretty geeky)

After experimenting with some web 2.0 flashy graphics, I came to that realization that simple is best..designing symbols is a challenge, as they have to read completely clearly at a glance.

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