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An interesting collaboration between Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, which they dub Cinemagraphs, essentially looping animated gifs where often just part of an image moves. Really, it’s the principle of a strong pose with a moving hold, but done in an artful yet low tech way.

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work in progress – MaisyJump

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In getting back to this blog, I’m trying to figure out a purpose for it and to differentiate it from my teaching blog. It’s easy to become reticent about posting, but I’m going to start to use this as an opportunity to put myself out there again. I’ve been in a bit of an animation rut lately and hopefully putting up crappy unfinished works in progress will motivate me to buckle down and push them to completion.



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former student, Bryant Wilson’s thesis

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amazing spider man trailer

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iso50 – design blog

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design blog – lots of great product/usability design

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fastco design







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icons. 2011

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Finally getting a start on cleaning house for 2011/2012. I’ve boiled down my essential icons/scripts and will continue to update this post with shelf specific mels.

None of these are written by me…they’re all scripts I use on a daily basis from the kindness of other animators/tds out there who like to make our lives easier. ?????I’ve posted the actual mel ?????here:

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2011 maya icons – preview

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Lou Romano -color studies from up

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