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icons. 2011

July 11th, 2011 No comments

Finally getting a start on cleaning house for 2011/2012. I’ve boiled down my essential icons/scripts and will continue to update this post with shelf specific mels.

None of these are written by me…they’re all scripts I use on a daily basis from the kindness of other animators/tds out there who like to make our lives easier. ?????I’ve posted the actual mel ?????here:

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2011 maya icons – preview

July 6th, 2011 No comments

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maya tip: motion blur

September 22nd, 2006 1 comment

i’ve noticed a lot of files I’ve tried to render fail with trying to turn on motion blur. The fix, a la Adam Green:

open a new scene. turn on motion blur. import old scene in.


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maya rigging tip

November 10th, 2005 3 comments

I just found out a pretty cool trick. A lot of rigs have an issue with having attributes on controls that are floating off in space somewhere. A common thing is having your ik switch on the ik control, but sometimes you’d like to have it on your fk control so you don’t have to hunt it down. here’s the nifty part…put your attribute and set driven key onto a shape node (grab a curve and arrow down once) – you can rewire the attribute over using the script AttrMan.mel if you’re doing this to an already rigged character.

Next, take the shape node(let’s call it bob), shift click the control you want to move it to and type in:

parent -add -s bob ;

repeat this same procedure on another control and now different controls control the exact same attribute. If you’re using maya 7, you can use this for visibility of various parts of the rig and in the channel box, make those controls ‘nonkeyable’. This will let you hide and unhide parts yet keep the ability to toggle in a convenient place.

Let me know if this made any sense. I’m not even sure if people are reading this thing.

(tip courtesy of sean nolan and matt aldridge. I can’t think this stuff up)

NOTE: we’ve had some issues with files corrupting upon reopening. The interim solution seems to be to NOT delete the original shape node on the object you parent add to, but hide it if necessary

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